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Learn and Skate is a non-profit organization based in France dedicated to bringing culture, education and skateboarding to disadvantaged countries. Funds from this auction of international artists will be used to build a skatepark in a yurt area in Ulaanbaatar and pay teachers to give English, Japanese, and art classes for free to children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


With the help of Haroshi, we collected funds to buy the land which will be dedicated to the construction of the skatepark, with remaining funds supporting the project of the cultural center established in May 2019.





1010, Demencia Beivide, Sandra Chevrier, Charles Collet, Martha Cooper, Cryptik, Daze, Olga de Dios, Roby Dwi Antono, Ekiem, Emyr2, Dias Faez, Fasim, Adam Handler, Yuri Hasegawa, Maleficious Heart, Indie 184, Jaune, Jan Kalab, Korail, L’Atlas, Levalet, Rubie Maza, David Mesguich, Misterio, Mr Cenz, El Xupet Negre, Tran Nguyen, Steve Olson, Poni, Remed, Rero, Evan Rossell, Siker, SismikAzot, Bisco Smith, Smithe, Stohead, Superstop, Tavu, Tieri Trademark, Xerou, Phoebe New York, Ernest Zacharevic, Zalez, Thierry Ziegler, Mariana à miseravel.




1010 – Soft yellow



Adam Handler – Kusama Girl



David Mesguich – Sateless



Daze – Coney Island blonde



Ekiem – Untitled



Fasim – Tag head



Indie 184 – Illuminate



Jan Kalab – Grey Egg



Jaune – Untitled



L’Atlas – Red Code



Steve Olson – Ride for Mongolia



Levalet – Plane



Martha Cooper – Skateboard



Martha Cooper



Olga De Dios – El miedo



Roby Dwi Antono – Hanan



Sandra Chevrier – La cage, respirer



Tran Nguyen – Idle



Learn and Skate is a nonprofit organization based in France dedicated to bringing skateboard culture and education Trough poor country.
Bid on unique artworks from international Artists.


The funds Will be used to build a skatepark in a yourte area in Oulan Bator and pay teacher to provide free education to the kids from the yourte are in Oulan Bator in Mongolia. With the help of Haroshi we Have raise fund to buy the land who Will be dedicated to the skatepark.


Culture and skate are the key to improvise kids themselves.



Jean Claude Geraud / Learn & Skate





Thanks to All the Artists involved in this raise fund.


The auction will be from 4 february to 18, we will have rare prints, original artworks and skate customs, So stay tuned, in having new art in you collection you can participate to a great cause.


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